Stephen Dent Auto Body started off in the automotive paint industry


One of the most well respected auto body shops you could ever bring your vehicle to is Stephen Dent Auto Body. The company was established in 1992 and has taken off from day one. It is a successful company that has always taken pride in the work that they have done. Week in and week out, Stephen Dent Auto Body has always sought to provide high quality services to their clients because word of mouth is the most powerful took they have.

Stephen Dent Auto Body started off in the automotive paint industry. It was a company that was well regarded in that field, but would soon make a name for itself in the automotive repair and collision industry. Their hard work set them apart from their competitors from the very beginning. The company became successful and well known throughout the Cincinnati area. By 1998, Stephen Dent Auto Body was known throughout the entire region as a top specialist. They specialized in collision repair and custom interiors. By 2004, Stephen Dent Auto Body was being recognized as a leading competitor in the vehicle restoration industry. Custom car repair and early model collision and restoration was a specialty at that point.

Stephen Dent’s name is now trusted across the industry, even by those who are not in Ohio. The company enjoys a spotless reputation after more than seventeen years in business and will continue on like that in the future.

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